P.E.N.Y.A. (P.V.O 41/12)

"making them shine"

P.E.N.Y.A is a youth-centred non-governmental organisation that was formed by and is run by youth. PENYA works to address the socio-economic challenges faced by youth and children through creating partnerships with them, their families, communities, civil society and government, aimed at building their capacities and enabling their voice to be heard and recognized in issues affecting them.













•300 youth trained in Start and Improve Your Business


•300 youth assisted with micro-loans


•30 schools assisted with WASH related support


•36 School Health Clubs formed


•25 000 households supported with Non-food items in response to a typhoid outbreak


•100 youth supported to run community gardens


•2500 trees planted to reduce deforestation


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This program supports orphaned youth and children to enhance their livelihoods and generate an income for themselves and siblings. We work with orphans who are coming from child-headed households. A greater number are those who by law have to be moved out of orphanages and homes and enter into the world to fend for themselves. We help them through skills training and start-up support.







This program aims to increase access to potable water, adequate and good sanition facilities as per SPHERE standards through infrustrural support and hygiene promotion to children in schools. We construct toilet/latrine blocks to be used by ECD Class pupils as well as those with disabilities. Each school is supported with a hand-washing station for the enhanced hygiene. This can entail drilling a borehole or constructing water harvesting unit. We also set up School Health Clubs at schools so that children can carry out Participatory Health & Hygiene Education and become agents of behavioural change.



This program helps young smallholder farmers with access to technology and training on how to improve their harvest from farming activities. Whilst generating revenue the program also increases biodiversity and mitigates the effects of climate change. The farmers are supported with a drip irrigation system that ensures cropping is not seasonal but continues throughout the year. Each farmer is also supported with a bio-digester that uses anaerobic processes to generate gas for household energy needs. It also produces fertiliser that is used to organically enrich the soil.



Recent Activities

  • Provision of Rural Youth Loans
  • Food Security Enhancement through Smallholder Farmers' Support


P.E.N.Y.A has been tackling food insecurity through supporting young rural farmers by providing loans to get drip irrigation kits and inputs for intensive horticulture. Each beneficiary gets a 250m2 drip kit with inputs for the first crop. This enables them to be able to grow crops out of the gear in contrast to seasonal cropping. By introducing organic farming (through vermi-composting), we are encouraging sustainable farming practices.

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